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Thor : Ragnarok

Framestore, London (2016-2017)

Lead Modeller

Thor : Ragnarok was a huge challenge. Framestore had been awarded with the whole third act of the movie, with assets shared between multiple vendors (ILM, Method, Rising Sun Pictures). The show was that big in term of assets creation and management that Framestore had to build a team of about 30 modellers split between 3 leads : Chris CookDan Mason and myself.

On my side I was responsible of the two hero spaceships (the Commodore and the Statesman) of the third act and super hi-res digi-doubles (Thor, Hela, Valkyrie, Loki, …etc.).

The Commodore has been approached using a classic subd modelling methodology. We started by modelling the main body pieces as one single, clean smooth mesh. Then the  panelling layout was first concepted by Texture Dept. and once approved we used it to cut and and remesh every panel.
For the statesman, due to its large scale, we used the same instance methodology used for Geostorm. We created a lot of different kit pieces and we used them to create a big elements and assemble them to make the ship.

For the digi-doubles the modelling team had to build super accurate models in order to have the actors replaced with their CG version mainly in  action shots and in some cases in very close up ones.

Softwares used :
 Maya  ZBrush  Nuke Python

Dr Strange

Framestore, London (2015-2016)

Lead Modeller

On this show I was responsible for leading the modelling team (with a peak at 16 people), along with creating the “Cloak of Levitation” itself and dealing with the modelling aspects of the Mandelbrot effect.

The modelling team was in charge of delivering super high quality digi-doubles for Strange, Kaecilius, Ancient One and two Zealots, the CG version of the interior of the NY Sanctum (which include the set itself and a lot of props), the CG version of the Hospital operation room and CG Everest.

For modelling the “Cloak of Levitation”, with the pattern being provided by the costume department, I was able to create a true representation of the practical cloak in Marvelous Designer. Then I exported everything into Maya and created proper topology as well as adding small pieces and details (stitches, metal parts, etc.). Finally I used ZBrush to create the finer details.

For the Mandelbrot effect I was responsible for managing the sets and the way things were sliced based on animation’s and supe’s feedback. All the sets have been modelled using an in-house instance setup. The objects were sliced in Houdini using some in-house OTL and then re-laid inside Maya using some custom Python Tools. This workflow was very powerful and very flexible at the same time and allowed us to do many iterations in order to achieve the best possible look.

Softwares used :
 Maya  Marvelous Designer  ZBrush  Houdini  Nuke Python


Framestore, London (2014-2015)

Lead Modeller

On Geostorm, I was leading the modelling team and we had few challenges to deal with. We had to create a very details space suit for full CG replacement, we had to create a very detailed space shuttle but the biggest challenge (which took most of the modelling resources) was to create a gigantic space station which could be seen from far away as well as in super close-up and which could also be blown up (meaning FX friendly).

With the CG Sup and Pipeline Dept. we’ve elaborated a new in-house instance approach which was offering a lot of flexibility in the build process in order to achieve what is the biggest asset Framestore created so far.

Maya was used as main software with a lot of Python tools developed by ATDs and myself to help the modelling team doing fast iterations and turn around.

Softwares used :
 Maya  ZBrush  Nuke Python

Jupiter Ascending

Framestore, London (2013)

CG Modeller

I was responsible for building various spaceships (Titus Jumper and Ibis Jumper) and droids. As reference we’ve been provided with few 2D artworks and some Sketchup concept models.

Maya were used as main software to build all the shell pieces. I was also able to use a lot of greebles from previous shows made at Framestore to build the mechanical parts.
I’ve also used a mixture of Nuke and ZBrush to create bespoke decorations used as displacement at render time.

Softwares used :
 Maya  ZBrush  Nuke